Are We There Yet? Best Apps To Entertain Kids When Traveling

Are you on the road or holed up in an airport today with kids? Here’s a list of apps to help kids stay entertained on the road while also adding in a bit of education. Learning apps don’t have to be boring and entertainment apps don’t have to be mindless. We’ve found a great balance in these riveting apps for kids:


Homes by Tinybop: Start a conversation during your travels about how people live in diverse dwellings by letting your kids explore the abodes in Homes by Tinybop. Kids can wander through homes in Mongolia, NYC, Yemen and Guatamala. Less a game and more of a world to be explored, kids can look in closets, mess up, clean up and generally just take a look around inside houses of other people (while they are not home.)

See the full list of apps for traveling with kids on the Drawp blog.

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