Google Launches New App Kickstart Guides

Google Kickstart Guides

Teachers should check out the new App Kickstart Guides from Google

Google recently launched a series of App Kickstart Guides for teachers. These useful slide presentations with how-to videos help teachers get up to speed in less than 15 minutes with the best educational Android apps. The first wave includes these popular educational apps below and more are coming soon:

  1. Book Creator
  2. ClassDojo
  3. Comic Strip It!
  4. Drawp for School
  5. Explain Everything
  6. Nearpod
  7. SketchBook Express
  8. Slice Fractions
  9. Socrative
  10. Tynker
  11. WeVideo

According to the Google Play for Education training site, these App Kickstart Guides are intended to:

  • Familiarize you with the app’s functionality
  • Provide examples for how to incorporate it into instruction, and
  • Get you thinking about how to use it yourself

They can be used in many ways:

  • Self-paced by a teacher. Just walk through the slides and follow the instructions
  • For a technology integration specialist or instructional coach to deliver as professional development for a group of teachers.
  • Used in a PLC during a collaborative planning session

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